Our Process

Proprietary, Independent, Global Analysis

We scan the globe for the most solid asset class investment opportunities on a risk-reward basis. These determinations provide the strategic foundation for our construction of diversified global portfolios.

We fervently retain the freedom to think independently for the benefit of our clients. Our research and proprietary analysis is firmly based upon facts and systematic thinking, protecting against the influence of temporal fads or external pressures. Striving to maintain objectivity, we source reliable information globally and conduct our own global macro research. HAHN Investment specializes in only one business – portfolio management – choosing to reduce the potential for conflicts of interest that may exist in the broader wealth management industry.

Risk Management

No matter how extraordinary the factors impacting world markets may be, we strive to preserve and grow client wealth safely through all market environments. We adapt our asset mix strategies to evolving and secular financial environments. Recognizing that financial markets will always fluctuate, portfolios are structured to steward capital on a risk-adjusted basis that protects against volatility and losses. We vigilantly control and manage downward volatility.

Exchange Traded Securities

Employing proprietary techniques to further improve performance, we implement our global investment strategies primarily through the use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that track the performance of selected assets around the world in a low cost manner. We adhere to an unbiased “best of breed” selection process to identify the ETFs that best represent each portfolio strategy.

Our Investment Policy

Investment Policy guides our client portfolios. Our global strategies are carefully designed to add value against established benchmarks. Currency risks, inherent to global investing, are actively minimized through our investment policies.

Our investment perspectives are subject to rigorous and ongoing economic and fundamental analysis. Client portfolios are continuously monitored and aligned to our strategies in accordance with our proprietary value and cost disciplines.

Portfolio Mandate Selection

Individual portfolios are built to address each client’s specific investment objectives and risk tolerance. This is reflected in the Investment Policy Statement. Each client portfolio account is individually managed based on the mandate prescribed by the investment manager. Portfolio mandates are determined based on the clients risk and return objectives, with appropriate levels of asset diversification and international exposure

Account Fees

Discretionary investment counselling and advisor service fees are based on assets under management, aligning our long-term interests with that of our clients. We utilize innovative technology to minimize trading costs, as this is one of the surest ways of increasing long-term returns. Portfolios are constructed in the most efficient and low-cost manner possible, thereby optimizing performance.

Independent Custodian

All portfolio securities are registered in client-name in Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) with an independent custodian to provide peace of mind and complete transparency. Portfolio reports and tax receipts are delivered to clients directly from the custodian. Client accounts are covered by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).*

Comprehensive and Fully Transparent Reporting

A comprehensive portfolio report is produced and distributed quarterly to all clients by HAHN Investment, providing a comprehensive record of transactions and holdings. In addition, complete account information and portfolio holdings can be viewed at any time by clients and authorized advisors through our web-enabled portfolio reporting system.

Investment Commentaries

We regularly publish newsletters and research reports, including: Global ETFlash and Global Wealth Perspectives, that outline our independent views and current investment strategies along with incisive analysis on various issues that impact investors.

*The Canadian Investor Protection fund protects investors in the event of the insolvency of a member firm. For more information on coverage, please visit www.cipf.ca.


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